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How The Referral Fee Policy Works

Referral Fees will be paid to any person that is employed by a current Project Partner Member or to Non-Profit Organizations that refer their member companies to the FAPP website. The way it works is as follows:

1.     Your firm must become a paid Project Partner Member (Non-Profit Organizations must contact us by phone for details) of the® (FAPP) website.

2.     The company (companies) for which you or another user of your company has (have) referred to the® website must include the Referral Code (for which you will or others from your firm will provide to them)  indicated on the Become a Project Partner registration form as found in the website.   You and others from your company can obtain the Referral Code(s)  within the  Manage Account section of your company's account within the FAPP website.The Referral Codes are created by the website and each is unique and are tied to your e-mail address and password. It is very important for you or others in your company to make sure that the company for whom you refer to the FAPP website use the Referral Code as it is the only way that a Referral Fee will be paid to you or others. This is very important for you and the referred company representative to understand. If the Referral Code is not used by the other company, we will assume that the other company becoming a paid Project Partner Member found the FAPP website by our e-mails and promotions or found it on their own.  We encourage you to make sure that the Referral Code is used so that we can pay you!

3.     The company (companies) for which you or another member of your company has (have) referred to the FAPP website must Become a paid Project Partner Member of the FAPP website. If the company is already a paid Project Partner Member, No Referral Fee will be paid!   Only one (1) Referral Fee will be paid for each company who becomes a paid Project Partner Member.

4.     Once the payment is made by the Company for whom you referred your account containing your referral fee can be redeemed.   You will control when you want the payment by redeeming your balance. You will be notified by virtue of a pop-up box when you Login to your account about any Referral Fees due you. You will need to complete a CONTACT FORM which a link will be found in the pop-up box notifying you of Referral Fees.  However, Items 5 & 6 are also items of importance.

5.     Prior to the issuance of payment to you, a PDF file of a W-9 form will be e-mailed to you and it must be completed and returned to us via mail or e-mail.  

6.     Upon receipt of the completed W-9 form, a check will be sent to you using the address found on the W-9 form. Referral Fee checks will be issued once a month - typically at the last week of the month. So, it could be a couple of weeks before you would receive it. Some Holidays throughout the year could make the check issuance occur earlier in the month!

7.     The amount of the Referral Fee check(s) to be paid to you or another member of your company will be 25% of the total amount paid by the new Project Partner Member for whom you or another person from your firm has referred to become a paid Project Partner Member of a Stae or States within the FAPP website. Any advertising fees paid by any company will not be included in the Referral Fees as discounts are provided to Company's that become Project Partner Members!  Please see the Advertising Information page for details!

8.     As an additional incentive for you or others in your company to help promote the FAPP website, Referral Fees will continually be paid every year for which the referred company renews their membership as a paid Project Partner member of the FAPP website. If any of the referred paid Project Partner Members decides not to renew their membership to be a part of the FAPP website, the Referral Fee will end for that specific former member.

9.     There is no limit on the number of companies that you or others will be paid for a Referral Fee as long as the above items are met.


By utilizing any of the Referral Codes in your account, you and all others as the Referral person have automatically agreed to the above Terms. If you do not agree, do not utilize the Referral Codes.

Should you have any questions or require additional information concerning this Policy, do not hesitate to Contact Us.